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Ceramic tiles

September 7, 2012

Paint was the primary decorating tool that Mary Douglas Drysdale used to redo the kitchen and breakfast room of a large Colonial Revival house in Bethesda, Maryland. The spaces were made light and open through the use of color. The beech wall cabinets, designed by her firm, Drysdale Associates, worked well with the existing base cabinets, so all were striated, then glazed to have a warm, creamy tone. Paint gave the island’s counter a limestone look; the hardwood floor got a diamond pattern. The stencil design on the upper walls was adapted from a neoclassical Adam-style frieze done originally in plaster.

Tile Matters

June 9, 2012

Be sure the tiles you choose are appropriate for the location. For example, the floor and walls of a bathroom come in contact with chemical and staining agents, so select tiles that are highly resistant to chemicals. In the entryway of your home, tiles must be highly resistant to abrasion and able to withstand heavy traffic. Tiles
for the walls usually cannot be placed on the floor. Companies like Florida Tile an!? Cerdomus have Introduced tiles that can function on both surfaces.

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