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The best dishwasher

July 19, 2012

Best (around $1,100): Well-engineered wash action, filter, soft food disposer, designed and insulated for quiet operation. Water temperature booster may be included so that 140° water is not required. Adjustable cycles offer options for cleanup. This appliance will get everything clean, is very quiet, may have a supplementary water heater and can handle anything from good dishes to heavih*soiled pots and pans. It also may have a water-saver feature.

Better dishwasher

July 18, 2012

Better (about $700 to $800): A multilevel wash arm or two wash arms, stationary rack, some insulation, a filtering system, two and four cycles. Washer requires 140° water. Prerinsing is not necessary, food particles are not redeposited because of a built-in filtering system.

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