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September 11, 2013



Composed of modular elements in transparent glass decorated in the colours white, topaz, green and blue. Can be custom-made in different sizes and forms; also available in multicolour and monocolour versions.


August 17, 2013



A real wood parquet available in 10 types of wood which, thanks to a particular treatment, is particularly resistant to scratches, impact humidity, stains and burns. it is an ideal solution to add the naturai warmth of wood to any type of space, even those with a high /ève/ of pedestrian traffic. Parqwood is easily and rapidly installed, thanks to a simple interlocking plank system, even on top of the originai floor. Available in planks of 19×120 cm, for a thickness of 8.3 mm.

Living with indian sofa

July 24, 2013

Living with indian sofa

An ornate Indian sofa contrasts with an abstract piece by Jacqueline Geraghty, which David bought at a Royal College of Art degree show.

Rattan hanging baskets

July 16, 2013

rattan hanging baskets

Attached to the wall or hooked to the back of a door, these neat rattan hanging baskets will add invaluable extra storage to your home.

Small bowls

July 9, 2013

small bowls

Understated and subtly textured, the Richard Batterham bowls on the Brangwyn dresser have timeless appeal and are available from David Mellor, his eponymous London shop. The small bowls, glazed inside only, cost £8.50 each; the larger bowl, £12.75.


June 5, 2013


The former scullery has been updated to become the utility room and houses a new Benelux washing machine, a drum spin-dryer and an electric steam iron. For the first time, the waist-height refrigerator houses a tiny freezer compartment for ice.

Home decoration with carpet

April 4, 2013

Raw, graphic power takes the floor with new rugs so robust you can hardly hold them down. Alter all, why should rugs just lie there, warming up the room, when they can go a step beyond and rival the art on the walls! The new breed of area rugs has stories to tell, such as design doyenne Andree Putman’s study for Grange, called Paoli Paolo, its braided border is modeled after a general’s uniform in an 18th century French children’s book. Jay Spectre, not the type to let anybody walk all over him, sows his abundant Garden Deco rug for Louis de Portoore. Christine Van der Hurd cesmically interprets Charles Baudelaire’s poem Les Fleurs du Mal in her All Elements rug, for her New York City-based collection. Another master, Arts and Crafts fountainhead William Morris, inspired the Billmore rug from Sanony.

Alexandra sofa

April 1, 2013

La Gran’Scena:
Mario Buatta reminisces fondly about his grandmother’s hump-backed Chippendale, but hot-wires the traditional shape by plumping up the cushions and rolling back the
arms for his Alexandra sofa from John Widdicomb. We pumped up the graphics with a pageant like pattern in a viscose/cotton blend from Quadrille.

Maple bookcase

March 13, 2013

“It’s architecture for people who can’t afford an architect,” says Lee Mindel, 39, who designed this stately, maple bookcase with Peter Shelton, 45, his partner in a top New York firm.

How to paint your walls

March 11, 2013

In Young’s dining room, spots are applied thick and direct as graffiti. Chairs were covered in hand-painted calico. Though her patterns have a childlike exuberance, Young is far from naive, running a thriving business from her home 100 miles Irom London. Here, she produces tough and funny ceramics—punch bowls, mirrors, vases. Her roses have folk relations across Europe — dabbed on the walls of a 14th century Florentine palace, embroidered on a Ukrainian shirt.

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