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The drawing room

April 25, 2013

The drawing room:
Opens into a courtyard garden. The stone watchdog is one of a pair Mrs. Hoffman fell in love with as a child at a chàteau near Poitiers.


December 26, 2012

1. Claim unused space. With the help of wall-mounted components to customize storage, paper is corralled (and organized) in labeled bins. Corkboards at either end display invitations, photos, and reminders. Daily System, $271 for the combination shown here, Pottery Barn.
2. Make it work. A wall-mounted dry-erase calendar helps the Murrays keep up with seven different schedules. A small piece of Velero attached to the side of the calendar keeps a pen handy. Calendar and top display rod, $68, Pottery Barn.
3. MAKE it last. Adjustable high-backstools are saferthan backless ones and more practical than stationary chairs. The blue seats keep the room from looking too feminine. Royal Seating swivel stools, $114 each,

The gathering place

September 18, 2012

For an extended family with growing children, grown children and grandchildren, the space is an ideal gathering place. With white walls and sunlight pouring through the pavilion-like space, the kitchen is invitingly bright, above right. The sunroom has a place to relax and read as well as a sizable table for informal family dining. Beyond the sliding French doors is a patio and a backyard bordered by trees. See Buying Guide for details.

Bathroom storage

August 20, 2012

Tub toys are essentials for toddlers in the bath, while teenagers usually prefer to accumulate grooming and beauty aids on the countertops. Remember, these items need a place to be stored, which means planning for storage compartments if you want to keep them out of sight when not in use. A colorful plastic milk crate can hold toys and be stored in a low cabinet that is easily accessible for young children. When they grow older, consider installing a rollout tray to hold grooming aids in the same place.
More safety considerations come into play in the design of a bathroom that young children will be using. Some safety devices can be installed and then removed as the children grow older and don’t need them. For instance, installing latches on toilet lids reduces the chances of a child drowning, which can happen in just a small amount of water. Choosing larger instead of smaller cabinet pulls eliminates the chances that a child will unscrew one and swallow it. Of course, the very best safety rule of all is never to leave a young child unattended in a bathroom, not even for a few seconds.
Rounded instead of squared counter-top edges, especially at the corners, look attractive but, more important, they also eliminate the potential for injuries or scratches. Look at other places in the bathroom where square or sharp edges and corners can be found, such as on a towel rack, shower doors and shelves. If you can eliminate any angles by substituting rounded versions, do so. If not, put protective padding on hazardous edges or corners, at least until young children grow older and taller so their heads are above the edges.

Apartment bathrooms

July 24, 2012

Apartment bathrooms are notorious for their small size and unimaginative, purely functional design. One business executive, who has a pied-à-terre, hired Garcia to create a more appealing look in the 5- by 7-foot bathroom of his home away from home.
On the vanity wall, Garcia relied on a standard visual trick to give the illusion of expanded space: He installed a mir-ror. Then, to further the feel of open-ness and space, he replaced the textured-glass, sliding shower doors with a clear, fixed, tempered-glass panei.
Next, to provide a greater sense of height, he tiled three walls of the bathroom from floor to ceiling. For visual interest and to enhance the sense of the addition of recessed ceiling lights and strip lighting.

Sink cabinet

June 18, 2012

Make a beeline to the bathroom to catch a glimpse of this cherrywood sink cabinet from Bexley Heath Ltd. The piece is part of the Widdicomb Collection, a case goods collection based on original designs by T.H. Robsjohn-Gibbings, a designer known for his distinctive take on modernism. About $980for the base and $2,080for the top and faucet.

Tile Matters

June 9, 2012

Be sure the tiles you choose are appropriate for the location. For example, the floor and walls of a bathroom come in contact with chemical and staining agents, so select tiles that are highly resistant to chemicals. In the entryway of your home, tiles must be highly resistant to abrasion and able to withstand heavy traffic. Tiles
for the walls usually cannot be placed on the floor. Companies like Florida Tile an!? Cerdomus have Introduced tiles that can function on both surfaces.

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