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Bathroom designs

July 11, 2012

Again, doorways should be at least 32 inches wide and no more than 24 inches deep. Near the sink, a minimum of 30 by 48 inches of clear floor space is a must, and 48 by 48 inches in front of the toilet. The NKBA suggests at the bathtub, that clear floor space is 60 inches wide and 30 inches deep for a parallel approach.
In an enclosed shower, the guide-lines specify interior dimensions of 34 by 34 inches, and they should include a bench or seat that is 17 to 19 inches above the floor and a minimum of 15 inches deep. Also make sure there are no steps planned for the shower or tub area and safety rails should be installed for getting in and out. At the lavatory, knee space should be provided at least 27 inches above the floor. Regarding toilets and bidets, a minimum of 16 inches of clearance is specified from each one’s center line to any obstruetion, except for grab bars.

Bathroom basin

June 16, 2012

Put your bathroom on the cutting edge of design with this subtly shaped basin from Porcher. Elegantly handcrafted from Starflre glass, this “Glacier Basin” glass lavatory features a unique frosted banana leafdesign etched into the back side. It measures 22 inches around by 5 inches deep. About $2,295.

Toilet Technology

June 7, 2012

For years, a toilet was just a toilet, in the last few years, however, companies like Kohler and Tote have started producing toilets with innovations such as:
• a top-of-the-tank pull knob (this is new to the U.S., but not to Europe).
• a flushing system with a .2 horsepower electrical pump booster inside the toilet.
• light or heavy dual-flush capability.
• an antibacterial glaze.
• water-efficient toilets that perform better.
• self-lowering toilet seat.
• a toilet that flushes when the seat |< lowered.

Easy Access Shower

May 25, 2012

The design of this shower door makes it easier for people of all ages to use it. The trackless door panels first retract, then pivot in or out to provide unobstructed access and expanded space. Nonderailing doors and a low curb allow safe use while the removable bottom guide makes cleaning of glass easy. The door, shown here with oriental shoji glass and a silver finish, costs $660.

Sea Bath

May 17, 2012

Perfect for a theme bathroom, this hand-decorated “Nautical” basin measures 18V4 inches wide and 15 inches in diameter. Part of American China Lifestyle Series, it costs about $1,340.

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