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Jacuzzi products

September 16, 2013

Jacuzzi products

The technical drawings of Jacuzzi products are contained in the D J Personal floppy disk which the firm has prepared for designers who use Autocad.

Shower stall

September 8, 2013

Shower stall

Projecta Box. Shower stall:

The small size of the unit makes it ideal for ali types ofspaces, even limited ones. Equipped with a cascade-effect unit, a
multifunctional adjustable-spray mobile shower head, and an electronic control panel for ali the functions. The support structure of the cabin has a base in galvanized steel and uprights in aluminium painted and treated with epoxy. Skid-proof floor, tempered glass door, seat and shelf for objects, internai alarm.


September 5, 2013


Permits the combination of traditional hydromassage with oriental shiatsu massage. The water jets emerge from two series of small openings, arranged vertically along the back of the tub, for direct massage ofthe upper, middle and lower back, with a pattern of gradually varied pressure which produces a calming or a stimulating effect in keeping with the direction of the massage, downward or upward. The massage cycle is regulated by a computer which calibrates the force of the spray in keeping with the weight and size of the user.

Corner shower stalls

August 29, 2013

J-Dream Corner

J-Dream Corner:

This is the corner version of the J-Dream line, featuring shower stalls with four functions: traditional shower, relaxing cascade, turbo-massage and Turkish bath. Supported by a column in methacrylate, the cabin is equipped with an internal seat, object caddies and full-length mirrors.

Jacuzzi bathtubs

August 19, 2013

Jacuzzi bathtubs

Permits installation of hydromassage tub and shower in a small space.
Equipped with 5 water jets, the unit is in heat-moulded methacrylate; the non-skid base, the headrest and the armrest spaces guarante maximum comfort. The shower element contains a sliding multifunctional shower and many shelf spaces; the door is in tempered safety glass.

Tub for bathing

August 13, 2013

Tub for bathing

Hydromassage tub:
Makes maximum use ofthe internal capacity, permitting even persons taller than 1.8 metres to assume a relaxing position. The circular form of the area for the feet allows for the installation of a shower stall. Equipped with five water jets, the tub is in methacrylate in a range of colours, and can be fitted with wood-finish handles.

Decorating the bathroom wall

January 19, 2013

Starbursts painted on parchment-finish walls, a table decorated with handwritten sayings in French—these are some of the elements that Boston designer Christine Lane chose to give the 8- by 12-foot powder room, above, a magical lift. Pleated-canvas shades pull up or down for privacy. To make the even smaller bath, shown opposite, a fantasy place, designer Michael R. Golden of New York

Main bathroom design

January 16, 2013

The mirrored wall over twin pedestal sinks creates an aura of expansiveness in this master bath, below left. Beside each sink is a custom cabinet, designed by David Goularte, with three open shelves plus a fully enclosed one, accessed by a pull-down panel, that hides bath essentials. A Victorian-style “slipper” tub with cast-iron legs, below ríght, stands directly across the room from the sinks. Its subtle color scheme provides warmth; the windows, glass blocks and reproduction light fixtures keep the room aglow with natural light.

Ideas for small bathrooms

January 14, 2013

City drew inspiration from a formal garden.”Even the smallest bathroom can be given character and charm with decorative objects and accessories,” writes Catherine Haig in her colorful, compact book Making the Most of Bathrooms (Rizzoli, 1996). When faced with decorating a small bath, “everything you add should enhance the lines, not turn it into a fashion victim,” cautions Michele Michael in The New Apartment Book (Clarkson N. Potter, 1996). What these authors suggest is to establish a theme and then give it focus.

Remodeling a bath

August 10, 2012

When remodeling a bath for a family with children, choose designs that will grow with your youngsters.
A bathroom used by a preschooler should incorporate different design elements from one that will be used by a teenager, right? Yes and no. Yes, certain design considerations make a bathroom easier for a younger child to use, while other designs suit the needs of a teen. But certain features, especially in the safety arena, work well for both ages and can be factored into any bathroom remodeling project.
Wafer Safety
One safety-design feature mandated in many states involves the installation of pressure-balanced faucets in the shower. These faucets eliminate the problem of hot and cold water temperature fluctuations by sensing the two water pressures and stabilizing them when a change in pressure could cause a sudden water temperature change. The faucets are especially important when young children are using a shower, because their skin is much thinner than an adult’s and burns more quickly at a lower temperature. For an even safer bath, couple this safety feature with a high temperature limit stop, which prevents the faucet handle from being turned to the full hot position.
Installing an adjustable shower slide bar allows children to adjust a movable showerhead and storage basket to the best height for them. And, of course, a nonskid surface in the shower and on the floor is a must for every bathroom. If you use bath mats, be sure to put nonslip rubber grids beneath them.

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