Modern kitchens reform

June 19, 2013

modern kitchens reform

Surface requirements:
• Amtico have brought out a flooring ideal for kitchens with Corian features. The textured pigment used for Corian worktops and sinks is used to create the new Harmony floor tiles from Amtico. The range costs £63 per sq m excluding fitting.
• Stone can be used for work surfaces, although you will have to look after it. The stone must be dense, smooth and easy to clean. Once fitted it must have a strong seal applied, although even with this it can still be marked. If you are worried about marks, go for granite or slate instead. Stone Age say that their Acero, in shades of blue, grey, brown, cream and Buckshot, is an ideal material for worktops, and they also supply flooring.
• Fitting out a Granny flat or giving a student more independence? Anson Concise supply
self-contained mini kitchens incorporating fridge, microwave oven, sink and hob. The cheapest ‘kitchen’, at £659, measures 1000mm I x 600mm d x 945 mm h, and includes a cabinet in a white ash finish, two hot plates, sink, tap and fridge. Top of the range is the Professional, size 1685mm I x 600mm d x 945mm h, with a shelf unit, microwave oven, grill and combi oven and solid stainless steel cabinet, £2,510. • Before ordering your new kitchen, check whether the supplier is a member of the Kitchen Specialists Association. Over 300 independent retailers and manufacturers of kitchens are represented by the KSA, which offers the customer protection, should a KSA member cease trading before delivery of the kitchen. The KSA will also help if you are unhappy about the work of the member who fitted your kitchen. Their helpline offers advice on problems, and can help you find your nearest member. Tel: 01905 726066.
• Several range-style cookers from Leisure have a little extra to offer. The Rangemaster, Classic and new gunmetal-finish Zenith are all fitted with the Handyrack, a cleverly-designed oven shelf attached to the oven door rather than the oven walls. It comes out with the open door, allowing you to baste the joint without burning your hands on hot oven linings.
• A gas oven with the advantages of a fan oven, Stoves’ Q-Series Rotostar places the burner head within a fan, which rotates at high speed like a Catherine wheel in the back of the oven. This produces the consistent heat that fanned electric ovens are known for, yet with the moist cooking conditions and controllability of gas. High-street prices start at £899.99.

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