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March 6, 2013

Some of the architect’s sources were antique without him even realizing it. Though he was well familiar with the roofless sun rooms common to Mediterranean villas, Sottsass had no precedents in mind when he arrived at his unusual floor plan, a house divided into two portions and connected by a large room open to the sky. “Then one day I found a postcard of a Pompeian fresco,” he says. “It showed a house based on the same idea.”
Among the most startling features of Sottsass’ Memphis furniture were the crackle patterns and assertive geometries of his fabrics and laminates. In the Wolf house, the same pleasure in patterning is there, but carried out in more subtle ways. The watered-silk striations of the interior stone play against the natural grain of the Brazilian cherry floors, the false grain of a laminated cabinet, and the graph-paper grids of the ceramic tile. Without resorting to decorative attachments, Sottsass achieves a baroque complexity. Laid over that are the constantly changing patterns of the Colorado sunlight, inspired by Sottsass’ beloved sunstruck Italian coast and “the mood,” he says, “of Mediterranean architecture.”

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