December 23, 2012

Use every inch of The counters were cluttered, but the walls were going unused. A new, much roomier microwave was mounted over the stove, freeing up valuable counter space. (The Whirlpool Gold microwave— $399,—was provided and installed by Lowe’s.) The toaster was relocated to the left side of the sink, where there’s room to butter toast and assemble sandwiches. A hook rack mounted on the wall beside the stove is the perfect place for frequently used pans, utensils, and pot holders. Elfa five-hook rack, $8, the Container Store.

Eliminate clutter, and put things where you use Strainers, tongs, wooden spoons, and spatulas were organized, contained in Le Creuset utensil cracks ($22 for small, $32 for large: and moved next to the stove, where the Murrays can reach them as they cook. A bread box keeps food fresh and the counter tidy. Bread box, $40.

Lighten the room. The dark, solid-oak cabinets were worn and made the kitchen feel even smaller than it is. Midwest Woodwork and Veneering (courtesy of Lowe’s) sanded the doors and drawers, then spray-painted them Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White; the frames were painted with a foam roller. A matching white front for the dishwasher was ordered from the manufacturer (cost: $35 and up), and it took only minutes to install.

Removing the fussy valance from the windows let in more natural light, making the kitchen seem larger without compromising privacy.

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