Budget kitchen remodeling

September 22, 2012

Kitchen designer Bill Noval, of Spyglass Design in Hopewell, New Jersey, knew his clients were strict about hewing to a budget. He also knew that they were determined to give their kitchen some custom detailing and a brand-new look. New appliances were top priority, as was improved lighting and venting.
For decorative as well as functional purposes, a laminate countertop with beveled edges was installed, along with a backsplash made in a variety of tile styles, including a few with floral motifs. All combine to create an attractive setting for a new pullout faucet and stainless steel sink. Although the window and pine flooring were unchanged, a fresh coat of white paint gave the space a shiny new look. Cooking efficiency was improved by replacing an old slide-in range with a cooktop, microwave and undercounter oven.

Cabinet parts 368.00
Countertop 742.00
Lighting 80.00
Tile 530.00
Sink & accessories 846.00
Cooktop 505.00
Microwave oven 464.00
Conventional oven 1,049.00
Labor costs are not included

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