Remodeling a bath

August 10, 2012

When remodeling a bath for a family with children, choose designs that will grow with your youngsters.
A bathroom used by a preschooler should incorporate different design elements from one that will be used by a teenager, right? Yes and no. Yes, certain design considerations make a bathroom easier for a younger child to use, while other designs suit the needs of a teen. But certain features, especially in the safety arena, work well for both ages and can be factored into any bathroom remodeling project.
Wafer Safety
One safety-design feature mandated in many states involves the installation of pressure-balanced faucets in the shower. These faucets eliminate the problem of hot and cold water temperature fluctuations by sensing the two water pressures and stabilizing them when a change in pressure could cause a sudden water temperature change. The faucets are especially important when young children are using a shower, because their skin is much thinner than an adult’s and burns more quickly at a lower temperature. For an even safer bath, couple this safety feature with a high temperature limit stop, which prevents the faucet handle from being turned to the full hot position.
Installing an adjustable shower slide bar allows children to adjust a movable showerhead and storage basket to the best height for them. And, of course, a nonskid surface in the shower and on the floor is a must for every bathroom. If you use bath mats, be sure to put nonslip rubber grids beneath them.

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