Door fronts

August 25, 2012

If you are working within a limited budget, you can choose from an array of attractive laminates or wood veneer cabinets constructed of sturdy particleboard. Wood-grain laminate, like wood veneer, is available in shades from light to dark, as well as in natural and frost finishes.
Higher-end laminates with a greater variety of colors and textures are available for more generous budgets. An alternative material is Thermo Foil, a high-tech vinyl that gives a seamless look to door fronts and can be shaped in the manufacturing process, allowing for a number of patterns. At this price point, you can also opt for wood—oaks and maples—in a range of finishes. Doors and drawer fronts can be solid wood, but veneer is common.
High-end options include high-gloss laminates in sleek styles, as well as wood cabinets in oak, maple, cherry and hickory, featuring solid door and drawer fronts, a range of colors and a wide variety of finishes.

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